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Candy Pearls

Candy Pearls are most commonly used to tint clear coats.  They may be used in wet paint, powder coat, airbrushes and many other coatings and gel coats.  Always do a test panel to be sure you have the end result you are hoping for.  The more coats you apply, the heavier the candy appearance will be.  The possibilites are endless, if you want an added pearl shine to your candy coat,  you may add a top pearl coat for that slight pearl reflection.   I.E. if you would lay a Candy Red coat and would like a pearl green hue to your candy red, you could add a top coat of clear mixed with our irridescent pearl green (wet paint or airbrushing the irridescent pearl on top of the candy will give you optimum results). 
*Please note results will vary slightly whether you are using wet paint or powder coat.