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Pearl Pigments may be baked up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and have a wide array of uses including powder coating, automotive paint and airbrush.
Pigments may be mixed as heavy or as light as you prefer.  Always do a test panel to be sure you have the combination you are looking for.  Keep in mind when mixed with clears, you will have a different end result when the clear is sprayed over a light or dark base.  Dark base colors will make the glitter more radiant where as over a light base the glitter would be more subtle at first glance.
Pearls are irridescent pearls that will be noticed in sunlight or artificial lighting.  May be used in many different ways including powder coating, automotive paint, airbrush techniques, mixed with tile or concrete sealers, etc. The possibilites are endless, let your imagination flow with our irridescent pearl pigments.