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Rewards Program
For every dollar spent on our site you will receive 1 reward point.* 
Reward points can be used to obtain gift certificates to be used on your next purchase!
For example, if you spend $100 you will receive 100 points.
100 points = $5 Gift Certificate
200 points = $10 Gift Certificate
500 points = $25 Gift Certificate
1000 points = $50 Gift Certificate
1500 = $75 Gift Certificate
2000 = $100 Gift Certificate
*You must be a registered customer and logged in to your account at checkout to receive your rewards points.
  • Rewards have no cash value.
  • Rules may change at anytime.
  • You may view your current rewards points under the My Account tab.  If you have enough points to redeem, simply click on the redeem button.  This will allow you to choose the gift certificate for which you have enough points to redeem. 
  • The gift certificate code will be sent in an email to you.
  • To use the gift certificate code at checkout simply enter the code into the apply coupon section. 
  • Can not be used towards shipping or tax.